Strength Workout #2: Bosu Fun

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bosu ball. All the exercises in this workout can be done without one, but the bosu adds an extra challenge in balance. Balance is an important aspect of any strength regime because it works the small connecting muscles that are especially ignored during traditional weight machine workouts. Small connective muscles and ligaments help distribute forces during exercise that would otherwise be absorbed by large muscle groups, possibly overloading them and causing injury.

Don’t forget the active warmup!

The Workout – Bosu Fun:
** Note: I will include links to videos when the exercises are new, otherwise see previous posts if you’re just jumping in and need some guidance.

15 regular pushups
20 regular crunches
12 spiderman pushups
20 crunches on the bosu ball
20 pushups on the bosu ball (do this with the ball-side facing the floor)
12 stationary inchworms
10 side to side planks on the bosu ball (take the same pushup position as above and shift the weight in your upper body from hand to hand to get a rocking motion – do this 10 times to each side)
20 dips
20 shoulder shrugs
30 sec plank with leg lifts (do 4 leg lifts for each leg – lift about 6 inches off the ground toward the ceiling)
30 sec side plank with leg lifts (each side – do 6 leg lifts for each leg, again about 6 inches upward from the floor)
10 arm circles while standing on the bosu ball (each side – include the squat)
20 situps with a medicine ball throw (I do these without someone holding my feet and my partner is standing up)
20 plank pushups (10 times pushing up with each hand)
20 side to side crunches with a medicine ball (I do these with my feet on the floor, but if you want a bit extra, go ahead and pick them up)
Circle touches while standing on the bosu ball (couldn’t find a good video so here’s my explanation – Stand on the bosu with the flat side on the floor. Place 1 object each at 9, 10:30, 12, 1:30, and 3 o’clock about 5 inches from the edge of the bosu. Balance on one foot. Do a mini squat with your opposite leg back for balance, reaching toward the object at 9 – actually touching it is just a bonus. Come back to a standing position. Repeat for the other objects and then work your way back to the beginning for a total of 9 squats. Switch legs and repeat. Good luck holding your balance. The first time you try this you may want to do it without the bosu ball! This is a great exercise for balance and building ankle strength which is essential to any running activity, especially ultimate frisbee.)
10 chops while standing on the bosu ball (with a medicine ball)
10 backwards leg extensions while standing on the bosu ball (balance on one leg, extend the opposite leg backwards about 6 inches while clenching the glute)

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch. Focus on stretching those leg muscles and hip flexors!

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