Looking for a Weight Room Challenge?

This workout adds onto the concept of “super-setting” during your workout. That is, doing two or three exercises one right after the other with minimal rest in between. Using “super-sets” in strength training functions to increase muscle strength and endurance and get some cardio all at the same time. It can also reduce time spent in the gym while getting a more complete workout.

The challenge today is a Super Super Set workout. Yeah I said it, a double Super! Instead of doing two or three exercises in a row, this workout combines 8 exercises in a row. Do each of the exercises for 1 minute with minimal rest in between. Try doing three sets of the circuit with one to two minutes of rest in between each set.

1. Incline dumbbell press (with weights)

2. Squats (with weight and make sure to keep your form when you get tired, weight on your heels and your back straight)

3. Pull ups (no weight)

4. Push ups (no weight)

5. Jump rope (no weight)

6. Plank rows (pull the cable so that your elbow comes to your side. Make sure to keep your hips level and in line with your head just like during a regular plank)

7. Sit ups with a medicine ball
8. Wall sits (yes for an entire minute)
Sounds too hard… try doing each exercise for 30 seconds to start with, or only two two sets. Have fun!!

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