Master’s Ultimate National Championships

It was my first time participating at the National Championships, despite being eligible (i.e., old) and playing with a group that sent a team. It was also my first time playing at a national level event with a small squad. Despite more play time than I really wanted, it was a fabulous event!

Located in Aurora Colorado, the altitude also played a significant role in the ease of running around. I haven’t been to Colorado to play ultimate in 12 years. I forgot how hard it feels to run at elevation. It makes sense why runners and cyclists spend time training in Colorado.

Things I enjoy about playing in a masters league:

1. Everyone knows what is going on. If you get the right group together there isn’t any teaching and most ideas discussed about strategy are valid.

2. The names of the teams all have some kind of spin on the fact that we are all old! Some examples: Atlantiques (that’s us), Surly, Cougars, Johnny Encore, I Thought This Was a Wine Tasting, Beyondors.

3. No one rolls their eyes when you say your legs hurt, instead they throw a roller at you, offer you some ibuprofen, and pull out a variety of braces and tapes.

4. Even mug older people can play at a competitive level. The oldest I saw was at 62 in the great grand masters division. Super impressive.

Here’s to next year!

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