T Minus 4 Days Until Tryouts

There are 4 days left until the East Coast tryout for the U.S. Worlds Team. The tryouts are being held in Washington D.C. where it promises to be a chilly weekend.

For those interested… USA Ultimate posted a great article in anticipation of their West Coast Tryout which was held this past weekend in San Francisco. It details some of the expectations for the tryouts, what the coaches are trying to achieve in terms of team balance, and the adjustment abilities of the athletes to playing co-ed. One of the subjects stressed in the article was the importance of what the athletes have been doing in the off-season. Those that come into the tryouts in good shape will certainly have a leg up on those that have been relaxing for the last 4 months.

That being said, my husband is excited about the coming weekend and looking forward to playing ultimate with some other great athletes.

We’ll keep you posted when they figure out the final roster!

It’s Been A While

The reason I’ve been absent for so long is a simple one. I’ve been busy.

Also, my husband and I joined a local gym and got roped into personal training. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be and the price was right. We have a deal for group training (both of us at the same time) twice a week. So we set some goals and jumped right in.

Because of that I am no longer designing workouts, but have decided that I still want to share what we are doing. That way, those of you that don’t have the benefit of a personal trainer or have trouble designing effective workouts can benefit from our experiences.

I’m just going to jump right in because it seems ridiculous to catch you up on 6 weeks worth of workouts. The only thing I will say pertains to our goals…

My goals were fairly simple. Train to run a marathon in the fall without getting injured.

My husbands goals were to build some power and strength and work on agility and flexibility for his upcoming Team USA ultimate tryouts (which are in 2 weeks).

Anyway we have been doing circuit work for a couple weeks to work on strength, explosive power, endurance, and flexibility. Today’s workout was particularly tough.

7 stations, start wherever you want, 1 min at each station, 4x with 1 min rest in between:
1. step ups with 50-80 lbs (women-men weight)
2. hang cleans (these are a type of olympic lift and I recommend asking a trainer to show you how to do these properly before trying them. check out this video to get an idea.)
3. yoga ball crunches
4. kettlebell squats (touch the kettlebell to the ground each time
5. walking planks (I have called these plank pushups in the past)
6. side lunges with a 10 lb medicine ball
7. quarter mile sprint