Tough Upper Body Circuit Workout

Here’s another great circuit workout. It was particularly tough on the arms and the core. Good luck.

As with all the circuits… do the exercises for 1 min and do the circuit three times with minimal rest between exercises and between circuits.

1. Lat pull ups (you can either use a TRX style apparatus with grips or just use a bar a couple feet above the ground with your feet out in front of you)

2. Box jumps

3. Incline pushups (with feet up on something sturdy about 1 ft high)

4. Walking lunges holding weights overhead

5. High plank with opposite arm and leg balance (from a high push up position raise your right hand out in front of you and your left leg up, switch sides)

6. Sit ups with a medicine ball (we do them with 12 lbs, bring the ball completely over your head to the ground when you go down)

7. Single leg wall sits (holding a weight shoulder height in front of you… try 10 lbs for starters)

8. Mountain climbers

A Butt-Kicking Circuit Workout

The goal of this workout is to do the circuit three times with as little rest as possible. Good luck!

Do each exercise for one minute unless otherwise noted.

1. Walking pushups (do a regular pushup, place one hand about 6-12 in forward with the feet rotating slightly in the same direction, do a pushup, place the other hand about 6-12 in in front of your other hand with the feet rotating slightly to that side… keep going).

2. Walking planks

3. Body squats (100, 75 during the second and third time through the circuit)

4. Jump rope (100 jumps as quickly as possible)

5. Burpees

6. Crab walks (make sure to keep your butt up and off the ground)

7. Flutter kicks

8. Mountain climbers

Circuit Workout of the Week

Today was a doosie!

We did this circuit three times in a row with minimal rest between sets and between exercises. Each exercise we did for 1 minute.

1. yoga pushups (also called dive bombers)
2. situps with a medicine ball
3. jump rope (100 jumps instead of for time)
4. squats with a medicine ball
5. T planks (in an upper plank position, jump your feet wide and then back to the middle)
6. squat presses (squat with overhead arm press – weight about 15 lbs)
7. reverse flys
8. side planks (45 sec each side)

This was a great workout that hits all the major muscle groups. Doing this circuit three times in a row without any rest also got a bit of cardio involved too. Have fun!

World’s Tryout Wrap-Up

Well my husband came home happy about his tryout. He was happy with the way he played and super excited about having played with so many other good players. He thought he gave it his best shot and had showcased his talents to the best of his ability.

Unfortunately, he was not one of the 11 men chosen to play on Team USA. My husband is, of course, a little disappointed, but he still loves ultimate and will continue to play at a high level with some of the best players in the country.

Check out this great article about the East Coast tryout and meet the members of Team USA.